At Startnup we offer advice and litigation in various areas such as labor, commercial and civil matters, focusing on providing real solutions in a timely manner with the intention of preventing controversies, as well as corrective measures to solve conflicts.


It is the division of the company that takes care of everything related to legal or juridical matters that have to do with the company. It is in charge of the elaboration of norms, the legal representation before conflicts or litigation, lawsuits and business.
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Civil Lawyers

Resolution of conflicts, demands and response, up to the prevention of legal problems. Design and creation of contracts.

Deed of real estate, management of overdue portfolio, mortgage lawsuits, judicial and extrajudicial collection and in general the solution of any conflict in this broad matter.

Employer Lawyers (Labor)

We have a staff of specialist lawyers, who resolve problems of unjustified dismissal, conflicts with the worker and at the source of work, as well as give a timely defense to claims for profits, demands for reinstatement to employment, strike calls, union conflicts and any conflict related to workers or employees.

Tax Attorneys

The tax lawyer is a lawyer who, being a specialist in tax matters and knowledgeable about legal regulations, advises and represents his clients in tax matters. The tax area, commonly known as taxes, is present in countless everyday situations of natural and legal persons.

Corporate Lawyers

A corporate lawyer is a lawyer who is in charge of protecting 100% of the businessman against suppliers, federal institutions and workers. 

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